Gỏi Cuốn (spring rolls)

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Gỏi Cuốn, known as spring rolls, is one of the most popular specialities in Vietnam and outside the country. "Gỏi" means salad and "Cuốn" means to roll or a roll. Traditionally Gỏi Cuốn is enjoyed as an aperitif or starter.

This dish is mainly composed of rice vermicelli, slices of pork belly, shrimps, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, mint leaves and a lettuce leaf. This all rolled up in a rice paper (bánh tráng). It is usually accompanied by a hoisin sauce. Komi box presents spring rolls with different meats and sauces in addition to the classic version in order to vary the pleasures.

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Main ingredients
Bò lá lốt (grilled beef in piper lolot leaves)
Hoisin sauce
Nem nướng (pork meatball)
Nước mắm sauce (fish sauce)
Peanut sauce
Peking duck
Rice papers
Rice vermicelli
Sesame crackers
Xá xíu (roasted pork)
Sesame seeds
To add by yourself
Cooking oil
Gluten free
20-30 min